Friday, May 21, 2010

Onion Quiche

Onion quiche or "pashtida" is a great starter to your meal or could stand on its own as a light dish with salad on the side. The main ingredient here - no, you never could have guessed - is onion, loads of onion. When baked in the oven it loses its rough edges and becomes sweet but with character.
So here is the recipe:
100 grams butter
5 large red onions
1 cooking cream (3 dl)
4 eggs
5 spoons of flour
2 packs of cottage cheese (500 grams)
We cook the onions with the cream on low fire.
Meanwhile we screen the flour - makes it airy -and mix it with the stirred eggs and cottage cheese. We pour the creamy onions on the flour-egg-cheese mix, and spice it with salt, pepper ( a little garlic won't hurt either). We stir the mixture until it gets relatively even and the pour it on a greased pattern.
45 mins at 180 C

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