Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tooth cake

This fondant covered cake was made for my in-law's birthdaym who happens to be a dentist. I baked a rectangular shaped chocolate sponge cake and cut out a triangle in the bottom so it would assume the shape of a molar tooth. I covered it with layers of chocolate-icing. Then I rolled out 4-500 grams of white fondant so that it would be thin enough to cover the cake but thick enough not to break. I colored the remaining 200 grams of (less might be enough) fondant with blue food color and started shaping a toothbrush handle, rolling it like a sausage and then shaping it. I added a small chunk of white fondant on top of it, shaped it as a rectangle and pinched it with a fork. The toothpaste took a significantly longer time to create. I flattened the blue fondant and made it slightly rectangular, though letting it expand on the bottom, and rolled it back with the help of a pencil. I flattened a bit of white fondant, cut out a rectangular shape and glued it on top of my toothpaste with some water. For the cork I rolled a small piece of white fondant, shaped it and designed it with the help of a knife. Then I glued it with some water on top. I glued my toothpaste and toothbrush with water on top of my cake and decorated it with flower shapes on the sides.

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